Island Time!

The other day I was speaking to a banker about mortgages and she said that she herself had seen seven applications for mortgages from the Vancouver area  in just one week! Then as you move up the island there is a definite vibrancy in the offices of realtors across the board. The island is desirable! And why not? Is there a better place to live in Canada? We have moderate climate all year long, a multicultural atmosphere, accessibility to activities of every dimension from extreme sports to quiet symphonies.

When my first husband and I moved here from the lower Mainland over twenty-five years ago, we did so with a young family with the idea that family life would be more attractive on the island. It was and has been! We skied and snowboarded during the winter, camped during the summer, boated, kayaked, hiked, played sports year round, and all of it within a couple of hours from home. 

When the children reached their late teens, early twenties they left the island, because who wants to live where you grew up! Both have returned. They see, even after their world travels and explorations, that this is one of the sweet spots on the planet. 

Geographically, we are larger than some countries, yet we still maintain the sense of a smaller community that sets us apart. Islanders! I get island fever, or maybe I should say island passion, every time there is a chance to talk about our fabulous home and its many facets. We can be the sophisticated cosmopolitan as we hover near the capital of Victoria, or as laid back as gumboots and plaid when we head to Tofino.

Every neighbourhood in this city has a different vibration. How do you decide what’s right for you? Are you a downtown condom person or a growing family in need of a back yard? As your realtor, my goal is to assist you in finding the right fit; for your needs now and your needs down the road. Making a neighbourhood choice is also making a lifestyle choice, so it IS a big deal!!

Drop me a line and I will send you my “wish list” and questionnaire to aid you in your search.