Ahhhhhh, sleep!

As I lay in bed last night, luxuriating in the feeling of comfort around me, it occurred to me that when it comes to going to bed, we are strange creatures!  I just added a sheepskin mattress cover to my bed, followed by crisp, cotton sheets and the absolute necessity of my feather pillows. I need to be able to smoosh them up to fit around my neck.  Ahhhh, comfort! 

We all seem to have habits and conditions that suit our individuality to create just the right atmosphere to entice us to dreamworld.  One of my sisters has to have the room completely dark. I slept at her house recently and upon awakening in the night thought I had fallen into a hole; I couldn’t even see the hand in front of my face!  

One of my daughters can’t sleep without white noise to cover the ambient sounds.  Between that and her omnipresent sleep mask are her pillows to create a bit of a fort!  She is a bed hog. I have a friend who will only sleep with a silk pillowcase. She insists that it keeps the wrinkles at bay, and she never leaves home without it!

In checking out weird sleep patterns I discovered that the majority of people like to sleep naked.  I just hope they keep robes close by in case they have to evacuate a building in the middle of the night.  It seems that some can’t sleep unless the temperature is exactly right; that an open closet door is a detriment to sleep.  Some of us need hard mattresses, some need soft, and some need inclines. Pillows abound in size, materials, and textures; there is something for everyone.

As I close my eyes to sleep, the one thought that continually returns to me is the gratitude that I feel to have this comfort around me.  The simple pleasure of enjoying a warm bed is a pleasure that is denied to many. As you crawl into bed this evening, take a moment to count your blessings!

The OswegoI have a rather unique listing in James Bay.  It is a hotel/strata unit in The Oswego. It is a full ownership condo with a limited use.  Owners may use their suite up to 5 months out of the year. For the balance of the time, the unit is in the hotel pool and revenues generated are shared with the owners.  It’s a great opportunity to own real estate in Victoria and generate revenue. 

Here’s the link to the full listing - check it out - great value in the downtown Victoria area!https://www.luxuryhousesvictoria.com/listings/view/246093/vi-james-bay/406-500-oswego-st